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CM WELLNESS is co-founded by Chris Mahoney and Marnie Dauroff.

Our vision and mission is to make Wellness a standard for everyone through simple daily habits.

We are passionate about our mission and are determined to share our holistic wellness pillars and simple tools through all different means to our audience.

With over 12 years combined experience in the health and wellness space we have developed our own approach and philosophies, which we have put together and teach through our:

  • CM Wellness App
  • CM Wellness Studio
  • CM Wellness Workshops

  • CM Presentations

We have a special affinity in the disability industry and are determined to make Wellness a standard in this space, we are breaking down the complexities and teaching baseline health to ensure everyone lives their best life with simple wellness.

Meet the team

Our Staff are passionate about health and well-being and living a balanced life to its full potential.  Our goal is to teach and share all our knowledge and daily rituals and healthy habits to our clients so they have the confidence and knowledge to feel empowered on their health journey to continue these practices and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle each and every day.  We create a non-judgemental environment, with all types of people and fitness levels welcome.

We are always looking for more people to join our team, who share our vision and believe in our pillars who can bring their own skills and style to our CM Wellness community.  If you want to know how to be part of our growing team, please get in contact!

Chris Mahoney

Co-Founder CM Wellness

Chris has been in the health & wellness industry for over 15 years in his own business CM Fitness and Health, which he established to help and work with a wide range of people, ranging from clients with a disability (Physical & mental), mental health conditions, sporting teams, families who need guidance in simple lifestyle changes & companies to help manage stress.

From his extensive experience Chris has seen specific patterns and habits that often lead to lifestyle problems. Chris’s goal is to help teach people simple healthy habits no matter their situation and give them tools to make wellness a standard in their life.

Chris has an easy-going nature and a great enthusiasm for life, health and wellness. He believes everyone deserves the opportunity to a live a healthy life.  Chris’s empathetic and accepting personality, make him an effective Holistic Health and Exercise Coach, as he has a special gift of being able to immediately put all types of people at ease.

Chris continues to upskill himself and broaden his self-development by learning more on the correlation between the body and mind. Chris lives by the CM Wellness values, pillars and loves a lunge!!

Marnie Dauroff

Co-Founder CM Wellness

Marnie is passionate about CM Wellness’s core values and holistic pillars and incorporates them into her daily lifestyle.  She shares the company vision of making Wellness a standard to everyone through simple healthy daily habits and her goal is teach everyone the basic tools to live a healthy balanced life.

Marnie continues to up-skill her studies in the health and wellness space including furthering her meditation and yoga practice along with her fitness and holistic counselling qualifications.

Marnie loves working with clients in both 1-1 settings, groups, workshops and presentations and teach people CM Wellness basic wellness principles that they can adapt to their own lifestyle.  Marnie has a calm and positive energy which she shares in her meditations, sessions and work.  Marnie wants to bridge the gap on health and wellness so that everyone understands its value and how they can incorporate it into their own life.  Marnie loves being part of CM Wellness and working towards their vision.

Ian Mahoney

Director IT

Ian is an IT industry professional who is passionate about helping others gain insights through all things data. He has obtained academic qualifications in Information Systems & Finance and has partnered with CM Wellness to help the team draw out customer insights to optimize individualised custom plans.

Ian truly believes that the benefits and values from CM Wellness’ data led insights around our core principles can help anyone lead a more holistic lifestyle. The decisive team leadership and track record in motivating and developing our clients is what we do best, trust that the team at CM Wellness are here for you.

Akeem Jackson


Akeem is an energetic, dedicated and enthusiastic Health and Wellness Coach with a broad range of skills
obtained through working across different professional settings. His passion for this work commenced 10
years ago in his home town of London when he began working as a Learning Support Assistant and
Physical Education Coordinator in a school for children with additional needs, not too long after
graduating from college with a National Diploma in Sport Science.

Akeem is a skilled soccer player, who previously played at a semi professional level in the U.K. Akeem is
also an experienced soccer coach, who previously coached for Chelsea F.C in the community. He is very
passionate about strength and conditioning training and frequents his local gym, always keen to learn
from his peers and other trainers.

Since moving to Sydney in 2018, Akeem has furthered his experience in health and fitness by obtaining
his Certificate 3 in Fitness and is currently completing his Certificate 4 in Fitness. He has also established
himself as a Community Support Worker, striving to achieve inclusion for his clients and help them reach
their full potential in all aspects of their daily living.
With a commitment to making health and fitness fun and motivating for the individual, Akeem
understands that no two clients are the same and enjoys working collaboratively with families and other
professionals to make a highly individualised and evidence-based program for each of his clients. Akeem
lives by the CM core values and Holistic pillars on a day to day basis.

Sage Wilder


Sage has been involved around health and fitness for many years now with a combination of a sporting background and a general love & passion for training. He’s passionate about helping build and creating a positive, healthy + happy mindset within his clients to help them achieve the best of their abilities in everyday life as well as improve their overall fitness and wellness.  

He is highly passionate about strength and conditioning and is always looking to improve his knowledge and skills. He enjoys working in a group environment as well as 1 on 1, it’s important to sage to continue to build relationships and foundations with clients.

Sage has a calm-friendly, loving nature and he aims to provide his positive vibe into everyday life as he believes happiness is key! Family & Friends are very important to Sage and at CM Wellness it feels like he has gained another family due to the level of love and passion that CM provides within their community.

Benefits of our five Wellness Pillars


Our bodies are designed to move!

There are so many benefits to moving our body and there are so many different ways to move our body, find one that works for you that you can start today.

Here are some benefits with basic movements – START MOVING TODAY!


Improves motivation, increases dopamine and brain function.


Improves fitness, concentration and can help clear the clutter in our minds.


Builds endurance, muscle strength and is low resistance on the body.


Enables your muscles to work effectively, decreases your chance of injury and releases tension in the body.

Working IN

Brings balance back into a stressed body eg. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi.

Weight training

Improves strength, joint function and decreases risk of injury.

Wheelchair SkiErg

Builds upper back strength while improving your cardiovascular health.


Improves co-ordination, core and great for the soul being out in nature.


Improves mental health, connections, fitness, co-ordination and can build leadership and team work.

“Move because you want to and love to – moving your body will create momentum in your life and make you feel great”


Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, being engaged with whatever task you are doing in the moment, being aware of thoughts, feelings and body.  Being totally connected to ourselves in this moment.

With so much stress in the world, our minds can sometimes be anxious, jumpy or tired, focusing too much on the past or the future.  Mindfulness helps us to be more present and the good news is mindfulness is super easy to do anytime and has so many benefits. There are so many options to be mindful.

They include:


This can reduce depression & anxiety. Improve decision making, focus and the ability to have clarity in your thoughts. It can even lower blood pressure and help you be in a state of calm.


Breath work has the power to reset your autonomic nervous system and help you get out of flight or fight. You can do this at home, work, school, anywhere at all. Understanding how to breathe can reduce anxiety & stress. It can also boost energy & aid digestion. In short it can truly change your life for the better.


By setting positive affirmations you can create a shift in your state right then & there. Affirmations can help you get back on track with your purpose and help change negative thinking.  They also improve self-confidence and self-belief.


Gratitude rewires our brains to overcome the negativity bias (which can lead to anxiety and depression) and see what we are thankful for in the world. It is also shown to broaden thinking, and increase physical health through improved sleep and attitude to exercise. Being grateful for what you do have in your life, helps shift you into a state of joy and make you feel happy.


Drawing can increase brain activity while reducing stress. Not only is it beneficial for your motor skills but it can also be a great healing and relaxing activity.

Chair & Mat YOGA

Develops inner awareness and fosters a mind body connection through breath and slow movements.  It can help reduce stress both on a physical and mental level.

“Slow down your breathing, quiet your mind, practice gratitude, REPEAT daily & feel the pureness of living”


Food is meant to give us energy, help us recover and repair our mind/bodies, so we can be at our best. (Listen to your body and eat whole nutritious foods. It doesn't need to be complicated)

We hear so much about Foods! Diets! Fasting! Snacking! When to eat! Where do start? What’s right?

There are so many healthy options out there.  We have to understand that each individual reacts & digests food differently.

We believe getting in touch with how your body feels before and after meals is important.  Learn how your body responds to food to help you establish healthy food habits.

Follow these simple tips:

  • Eating as many colours of the rainbow through fresh seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Eat organic as often as possible
  • Include a range of carbs, good fats and proteins in each meal

Below are some simple examples of food groups.


Seasonal fruits & veggies, these are a great source of vitamins & minerals. They can also give you energy and are a natural source of fuel for our bodies.


Certified organic meats, chickens, seafood, legumes, beans. All these foods can help build muscle growth & aid recovery.


By setting positive affirmations you can create a shift in your state right then & there. Affirmations can help you get back on track with your purpose and help change negative thinking.  They also improve self-confidence and self-belief.

“Food is medicine when consumed naturally and is well balanced”


We know we need to drink water and stay hydrated. Yet it can be hard to keep track of such a simple habit. Dehydration can cause so many issues within the body and stop us from living a healthy life.

We are made up of 70% water and it is essential for everything that happens in our bodies. By being aware and increasing our hydration we can improve our:

Body temperature
Joint function

Water can stop you feeling:

  • Tired
  • Bloated
  • Hungry

As well as reducing inflammation in the body and fight ageing.

Our bodies need 2-3 Litres daily. If you make the first thing you do each morning, drink a large glass of water, you will make this a habit and you will see and feel the benefits.

“Water is the driving force of all nature”
- Leonardo da Vinci


Sleep is undervalued and not prioritised these days. Are you typically waking up refreshed or tired?

If you’re waking up tired, there is a big chance you will be struggling in other areas of health. If we don’t get enough sleep we activate our sympathetic nervous system which creates stress in the body.

The good news is we can change this by having a regular wake up time. A “Sleep routine.” By doing this you will give yourself a great chance by repairing your body mentally & physically.

This can benefit your:

Energy levels


Immune system



Reduce stress

By improving your sleep it truly sets you up each day to manage your wellness.

Note: If you’re a parent, work night shifts or certain reasons for changes in sleep we have tools that can defiantly help you and adjust to your circumstance.

“Quality sleep will heal your mind & body.”


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