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When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘WE’ Illness becomes Wellness”

Our goal is to share our experience and stories working in the disability industry and work with you to make wellness a standard in your team, company or work environment.

Working with CEO'S, support coordinators, managers, support workers, teachers and staff on how to implement Wellness habits and tools into the:

Support workers
Support workers
Day programs
Day Programs

Great for professional learning days, team building days and overall team wellbeing initiatives.

Presenting the benefits of each Wellness pillar, we explain how simple it is to adapt these principles into your team and each individuals day to day life.

Topics covered

  1. Wellness Pillars

  2. Coping and dealing with change
  3. Managing Stress in the workplace

  4. Patterns/habits and their different effects

  5. Impact of food choices
  6. Balancing mindfulness and movement

  7. Sleep routines

  8. Importance of consistency

  9. Developing our own Wellness lifestyle

  10. Bringing it all together
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Thank you for your time on Wednesday I must admit I was so impressed with the Wellness presentation and can see how well it will work for our team.

Anne, Manager

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