CM Wellness App

One of our biggest visions is to, make Wellness a standard for as many people as possible.

The CM Wellness App is a tool that is user friendly, simple and practical that helps achieve overall wellness goals.

We have a range of different users on the app and they have all had benefits & made great progress with their wellness including:

  • Disabilities

  • Mental health conditions

  • Corporate workers

  • Support workers

  • Athletes

  • Parents

  • Older Adults

  • Children

The app is for everyone, as it personalised to the individual and provides basic wellness that helps with everyday living.

The app records achievements and progress for the user, as well as records detailed data reports through the back end for reporting to the NDIS, families and companies. The reports are analysed and track trends, habits and progressions.

The CM Wellness app is $297. The cost includes a consultation,  individualised program and 12 months access to the app. It can be self, plan or NDIA funded.

NDIS REGISTERED – CB Daily Activity, Core or Assisted Technology.

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Clients weekly achievements

Chris and Marnie have devleoped an amazing app that my son uses everday to record activity, get motivated and take action when things become overwhelming through guided meditations and breathing exercises - this has been instrumental part of the program and really helps to build strong wellness foundations.

Andrew, Parent

CM Wellness App

I'm loving the mindfulness/wellness plan so much, thank you!

Yvonne, Client

CM Wellness App

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss CM Wellness. The app is truly impressive and I can see the real difference it will make to people. I think you guys run a great service.

James, Policy Advisor

CM Wellness App

Breathing exercises help me manage if I feel like doing bad things especially the 4, 6, 8 breathing and the morning energiser. I have also increased my healthy eating habits and I have also increased my hydration.

Chris, Client

CM Wellness App

I listen to mindfulness almost everyday few times. It's calming my brain and mind.

Roxanna, Client

CM Wellness App

He is loving the app and has just started using the exercises as well. The meditation is great for him and he has been breaking records at night with his CPAP machine.

Kim, Parent

CM Wellness App

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