CM Wellness Studio

Studio - 51a Captain Cook Dr, Caringbah

“The biggest disability is a bad mindset”
- Nick S.

Our CM Wellness studio provides a comfortable and welcoming setting with an inviting energy to help clients feel safe and excited to achieve their wellness goals.

We pride ourselves that our studio is:

  • Inclusive

  • Calming

  • Clean

  • Vibrant

  • Ambient

  • Fun

We are located a 10 min walking distance from Caringbah station and close to bus stops. Look for the CM logo on the blue wall.

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I have been able to see firsthand the positive impact CM Wellness has on so many of their clients!  Their holistic approach and determination to empower all individuals who attend their service, is nothing short of life changing!

Bronte, Support Worker

CM Wellness Studio

I highly recommend Chris and Marnie because they are the experts in wellness for people with disabilities, know how to get results and will without doubt improve the quality of each and every client through client centric programs and supports - CM Wellness are #1!

Andrew, Parent

CM Wellness Studio

Great set up that pushes and encourages both myself the client I support to have a positive attitude towards exercising and to always be putting in our best efforts.

Kurt, Support Worker

CM Wellness Studio

CM Wellness is an exceptional way to imporve your life! It is not only a gym for your health but also a gym for your ind. Chris and Marnie are excellant coaches who have created an environment that feels like home! They focus on improving all aspects of life for you and offer a much more welcoming alternative to your avergae gym.

Noah, Client

CM Wellness Studio

To hear a young person with a disability say "I never knew exercise could be fun" and "I feel happy with my new friends at CM Wellness " is music to our ears. The CM team are working with so many of our clients and they all ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Please give them a call

Chiu, Psychologist

CM Wellness Studio

This is the best thing my boys have ever done together. I can't recommend CM Wellness highly enough.

Karen, Parent

CM Wellness Studio

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