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Learn the foundations of making wellness a standard in your life through simple ways to improve your overall health each day.
Our workshops cover each of our holistic pillars:

Learn what exercises to improve posture, flexibility and the correct functional movements that will help you create a baseline

Experience daily work-in exercises, mediations, breathing exercises and ways to quiet the mind

Understand the basics of clean eating, planning when to eat and learn what snacks are healthy

Discovering the benefits of what quality water can do for your life and understanding the difference between tap, spring and filtered water. We will test you water on the day

Learn the power of what a good night sleep can do for your health (mentally & physically). The healing benefits and discovering simple routines that will help you have a good nights sleep.

In the CM Workshop you will:

  • Find out your wellness score
  • Learn how to implement tools that will improve your posture, mobility, breathing and mental health.
  • Gain insight and feel the power of meditation
  • Understand the power of affirmations, gratitude and positive thinking
  • Discover simple functional movements, Pilates, Chair & Mat yoga exercises
  • Take home your own CM wellness app so you can track your health.

Our goal is to make the workshop fun, educational and give you take home tools in each pillar so you can have confidence to live a healthy life.

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